August 2, 2013

A few months ago, I entered the Eggo Waffle contest and submitted a few recipes. Although I didn't win, I had fun creating some waffle ideas for my boys! They really enjoyed eating them too! Once in a while, my boys and I still recreate some of them for breakfast. I thought about sharing some of my creations with you, so maybe your kiddos will enjoy them too! Here's one of the recipes:


1 Eggo Chocolate Chip Waffle
5 small dollops of hazelnut/chocolate spread
1/2 banana (cut into 6 slices)
1/2 of a large strawberry
1 brownie square
2 sausage links (or veggie sausage)

1. Toast the Eggo Waffle.
2. Eyebrows: 1st put 2 dollops of hazelnut spread near the top of the waffle (about 1 waffle square apart). With a butter knife, spread each dollop, one to the left and one to the right.
3. Eyes/Pupils: place 2 slices of banana under each eyebrow and put one dollop of hazelnut spread on each slice.
4. Nose: put one dollop of hazelnut spread between the 2 slices of banana.
5. Mouth: cut one slice of banana into a crescent shape and place it under the nose.
6. Crown: take the half strawberry and cut it into a crown and center it above the eyebrows.
7. Ears: place 2 slices of banana on the left and right sides. Cut 1 sausage into 4 pieces, and put 2 slices on top of each ear (save the other 2 for the feet).
8. Body: trim the corners from the brownie to make it oval and put 1 slice of banana on top.
9. Arms/Feet: cut the remaining sausage in half and put them next to the brownie for arms. Put the feet from step 8. 
10. Enjoy! :)

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