May 6, 2014

"Arrr... Ahoy there, me hearty! Looking for some fun ideas for Captain Mama on Mother's Day? Aye! How about helping mom look for buried treasures around the mysterious Family House Island! 

Your job is to help mom search for the most amazing Mother's Day treasures hidden on the island! However, watch out for dangerous spots along the way! Like the gigantic Loch Ness Dog (some say it's a cat...), the sinister Forest of The Dark Closet, the scary Couch Mountains of Doom, and the Haunted Tent Castle... Shiver me timbers! But, if ye and your matey, Captain Mama, overcome all these challenges, an amazing sweet surprise awaits ye at the last destination: The Kitchenland! Aye matey, what're ye waiting for? Welcome aboard the ship!" 

Hello folks, this is a silly but fun idea for moms and kiddos to enjoy on Mother's Day. Feel free to use the map (print a copy if you'd like) around your house. Start by going ashore to explore the island (parents' bedroom). There, mom will find her first hidden treasure: balloons. Watch out for the sinister "Dark Closet"! Then, move on to the bathroom. A few or more items will be hidden in that area. It can be anything from a perfume to bath soap, nail polish, or make-up... your choice! If you have a pet, it can be the "Loch Ness Monster"! If not, use your imagination and creativity! Next stop: the children's bedroom. Perhaps a beautiful purse could be hidden there? Then, it's time to go to the living room. Heads up! Must avoid the scary "Couch Mountains of Doom"! After avoiding the dangerous mountains, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers will be waiting! Lastly, the final stop: Kitchenland. However, before heading to where "I Heart U Mom" marks the spot, you must first go through the haunted "Tent Castle" (cover a couple of chairs with sheets or blankets, if you don't want to set up a real tent for the castle). Will you see some ghost pirates? Crawling will be a necessary skill to avoid them... just go with it! After courageously overcoming the chilling castle, you finally arrive at the Kitchenland! Wow! You made it! You helped Captain Mama have the best Mother's Day Quest ever!!! How about a delicious, yummy cupcake to celebrate this victory? Don't forget to give her a thoughtful and inspiring card, a BIG hug, and of course... don't forget to tell mom the three most important words she ALWAYS loves to hear: I LOVE YOU!  :D 

Happy Mother's Day!


This Mother's Day Treasure Hunt is absolutely adorable! Thank you for linking up at Dabbling Momma today!!


What a really cute idea! I'll have to hint to my kids! ;)


Thank you Jocelyn! I hope you had fun with your kids!


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