January 31, 2014

Continuing my topic about the harmful effects of artificial colors and dyes in our children's diet, I'd like to welcome guest Troy Ampalayo from Organic Superfoods and his helpful insights:

The public know that our bodies are affected differently by several food products, especially with preservatives and colors. Some of the common effects might include caffeine that is known as energy booster; red wines and aged cheeses triggering headaches; or high fat or even acidic foods that cause heartburns. But what is worse about this scenario in which most people don’t know is how these preservatives, artificial food colors and flavors affect our growing children. It is also a reason why organic superfoods advised to be part of our children’s diet. These superfoods can actually preserve a healthy lifestyle.
There are studies conducted in the year 2007 by a team from known university proves that a variety of usual food colors and the preservative sodium benzoate – an ingredient found in many soft drinks, salad dressings, fruit juices and other foods – causes some of the children to be more hyperactive and distractible than usual.
The research discovered that children aged three, eight, and nine-year olds were practically more hyperactive. They showed shorter attention span if they drink or eat foods containing preservatives and colors. However, this study didn’t point out that such preservatives and artificial colors and flavors cause ADHD or that the impact of these foods is only children with ADHD. In response to the raised questions about the matter, research points out that there is no exact evidence that the food additives cause attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but there are a number of studies which show that certain food preservatives and colorings may worsen the behavior of hyperactivity in some of the children.
Given recommendations include the consumption of foods with health benefits such as superfoods. Organic superfoods are now commonly produced in local organic farms. Children can benefit from these foods for they are full of vitamins and minerals that could help them in their daily activities.

Train the children to practice a healthy lifestyle with organic superfoods as part of their diet. You can organize healthy fruits such as blueberries with a glass of lemon juice as part of their recipe. We know that children love colorful set up. You can read some superfoods so that you can serve it with style in their plates. Be more aware of the benefits as well as the taste. Keep in mind that children also observed the taste of the foods they are eating. They really love the taste. Be passionate in serving them.

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