November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving is coming so fast, and for all the busy moms out there, I wanted to offer you and your kiddos this FREE, printable, easy and fun Thanksgiving goodie bag and instructions! It’s very affordable (and I know we all love that!), since all you need is a brown bag, scissors, and glue (I like to use “glue dots”). Go ahead, have fun, and make your children's teachers smile on this Thanksgiving! Or surprise the grandparents with a gobble gift! And as always, for everything, give thanks! :D

  • Save the printable in your computer and print it on a photo "semi glossy" paper
  • Cut the tail, hat, eyes, beak, wings, neck, and feet
  • Add the gifts inside the bag 
  • Cut the dotted lines on the tail and put middle tab over one side of the brown bag, and the two pointy outside tabs will hold the bag closed from the back (i.e., keep bag closed)
  • Glue the body parts as shown in the photo
  • Enjoy! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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